Don't Skip These Foods in Winter

January 09,2024


Below are some culinary treasures not only add rich flavors to your meals but also offer a powerhouse of nutrients that can fortify your immune system and keep you vibrant during the colder months. Let's delve into three Indian superfoods that can elevate your winter nutrition.


Amla (Indian Gooseberry): The Vitamin C Booster

Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry, is a winter wonder that boasts an impressive vitamin C content. With its strong antioxidant properties, amla becomes a valuable ally in fortifying your immune system and protecting against seasonal illnesses.

How to Enjoy Amla:

  • Amla Chutney: Grind fresh amla with green chilies, mint, and coriander to create a tangy and nutritious chutney.
  • Amla Candy: Make your own amla candy by drying slices of amla and coating them with a mixture of honey and chaat masala.


Makki (Maize or Corn): The Winter Grain Delight

Makki, or maize, is a winter grain that finds its way into many traditional Indian dishes. Rich in fiber and antioxidants, maize provides sustained energy and aids in digestion, making it an excellent choice for winter meals.

How to Enjoy Makki:

  • Makki Ki Roti with Sarson Ka Saag: Indulge in a classic North Indian winter dish by pairing maize flour flatbread with mustard greens cooked to perfection.
  • Corn and Vegetable Soup: Warm up with a hearty soup featuring corn kernels, mixed vegetables, and aromatic spices.


Jaggery: The Sweet Elixir of Winter

Jaggery, a traditional sweetener in Indian cuisine, is a nutritious alternative to refined sugar. Packed with iron, magnesium, and antioxidants, jaggery not only satisfies your sweet cravings but also provides warmth to the body.

How to Enjoy Jaggery:

  • Gud Ki Chai: Enhance your tea by adding a small piece of jaggery for a naturally sweetened and warming beverage.
  • Til Gud Ladoo: Combine sesame seeds and jaggery to make energy-boosting ladoos, perfect for winter snacking.

As winter unfolds its chilly embrace, let the richness of Indian superfoods be your guide to a season of wellness. Amla, makki, and jaggery offer a tapestry of flavors and nutrients that can elevate your winter dining experience. Incorporate these superfoods into your recipes, savor the diverse tastes of Indian cuisine, and revel in the nourishment they bring to your body and soul. Winter wellness has never been more delicious!

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