About Us

Fitness Journey

Fitness is a journey that seems daunting for some people and a Mentor is needed to help you, guide you and teach you at every step.

NourishMentor is a one stop shop for all your fitness needs. To stay fit and happy, you need to focus on every aspect of health - diet, exercise, emotional well-being and disease prevention.

There is no dearth of information online but everything doesn’t work for everyone. That’s why, we provide custom plans - a fitness regimen made just for you, coupled with right guidance and motivation.

Our Moto

Nourish your Body, Mind and Soul


Strength and Immunity for your body


Calm and relaxed mind


Emotional Well-Being and Happiness

Our Story

We are a team of Doctors and fitness experts who worked with hundreds of patients, understanding their problems and reversing diseases with diet. With an extensive knowledge in medicine and nutrition, our team was able to help customers attain their fitness goals. But then we realized that the root cause of most problems was stress, and if stress was curbed, people would become healthy, happy and disease-free. And that’s how Nourish Mentor was born.

We adopted a holistic approach to fitness, and designed programs that focused on nutrition, exercises, mental health, self care and stress relief. Our approach has helped many people live a healthy, stress free life.

Our Address:


Basti Adda Road, Jalandhar (Pin - 144001)

Punjab (India)

Mission & Vision

To create a new wave of fitness where people focus on their overall well-being