Pregnancy Care

₹ 7900 Each Trimester

₹ 19500 Nine Month Bundle

Having a healthy and stress free pregnancy is priority for every mother. If you’re pregnant, you might spend most of your time searching online - what to eat, what not to eat, what to do, what to avoid. Often internet searches give conflicting results and cause confusion

There is so much information out there that it gets overwhelming.

To solve this, we provide a custom plan to help you stay nourished during pregnancy. 

What you get?

Online portal - Once you buy the plan, you will get access to online portal that has your custom diet plan

Custom Diet - Your body needs different nutrients at different stages of pregnancy and it’s extremely important to get those nutrients in your diet. We design a custom diet plan for you every week based on your stage in pregnancy, preferences, underlying health conditions and habits. A lot happens during pregnancy as your body reacts to different stimuli in your body. So, we keep tweaking your plan to adjust it based on your condition.

Support and Guidance - We are available to support you throughout your journey.

(All queries are handled via Whatsapp integrated within your account)